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riannafinch: Totoro Dress Cosplay by Dustbunny 

Dustbunny Cosplay makes hands down the best Totoro cosplay dress. Leaf on the head, check. Susuwatari dust bunnies under the dress, check. This is the best creative Totoro cosplay I’ve seen! Here’s to hoping the cosplayer does more Miyazaki dress cosplays in the future!



Lesbians ruined flannels for me.

Homophobes ruined society for me.




i remember in high school there was this one girl who would ask my friends and i to stop eating junk food because she was on a diet

Reblog if your dick glows in the dark.


alright we all talk about how attractive frank iero is but no one ever really mentions how talented he is… he adapts to so many genres and partakes in creating a wide range of vastly contrasting music: from hardcore, to rock, to electronic, to acoustic. he can write heart-wrenching lyrics and punch-throwing lyrics, can sing bittersweet melodies and spit furious curses.